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LUVFAX® is the only service of its kind, dedicated to transparency in the online Internet dating experience. Other sites report employment histories and do location checks. They use an ala cart approach to checking someone’s background. The more you pay, the more information you get. LUVFAX® is the only site with one inclusive price that gives you all of the information you need to date safely. LUVFAX® is also a national & multi-state service. We don't just check in the state you currently reside. We check all 50 states.

Experience the Advantages of a LuvFax® Search

Have you ever gone on a date, only to discover later that your date wasn’t who they said they were? Now there's a simple way to enjoy all the benefits of online dating without the guesswork. Your LUVFAX® report gives you a thorough and complete background check, so you and your date can focus on the romance. The reports come directly from our servers and therefore, cannot be changed in any way. This LUVFAX® advantage is a win-win for all online daters. You feel safer, so you are much more likely to agree to that date, knowing you are doing so with a LUVFAX® report behind you. Join the multitude of confident woman and men who are enjoying all the benefits LuvFax® has to offer. LUVFAX® is the new dating advantage.

LuvFax® Certified

Let the online dating community know that you are precertified. LuvFax® will provide you with a PIN that verifies your LuvFax® certification. Rather than having your potential dates screen you, you can screen yourself and provide a PIN to anyone you are interested in dating. Your dates can enter the PIN and pull up your report to see for themselves that you have been LuvFax® screened.® is the ONLY site that offers the option of precertification with a PIN.

How Does LuvFax® Work?

Your 120-day inclusive membership entitles you to furnish your PIN, on an UNLIMITED basis, to anyone you like during this time period OR pay a one-time fee and retrieve a single report on your potential date.

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Dating Report Information - What's Included?

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