FAQ - Luvfax®

  • What do I receive during my 120 day subscription period?

    You receive unlimited access to your LuvFax®report, as well as, the ability to share an unlimited number of access PINs to whomever you choose. Your PIN can be changed to restrict access an unlimited number of times. You have total control, all for the price of $42.00.

  • Has anyone tried to use different names to hide their real identity?® cannot stop people from falsifying information about themselves.  Our research shows, however, that if a person has a LuvFax® precertification and is willing to go that extra step in order to provide you with a PIN, then that person in all likelihood, has no problem showing you proper identification to verify their identity.

  • Why is my subscription limited to 120 days?

    For the safety of Internet daters, and the integrity of our LuvFax®data, we must re-run your dating background check every 120-days. Give your dates the confidence of up-to-date information. Your login criteria and previous identifying information are saved in our database for seamless and easy updates of your LuvFax®report.

  • What happens to my report after the initial 120 day period?

    Your report expires and is not accessible to you or anyone else.

  • Does my login information stay in your system even after my 120 days have ended?

    Yes, your login information stays in our database so you can renew your account and receive a new LuvFax®report, again available for 120-days, anytime after your renewal.

  • Why can't I see my report yet?

    If a message appears "Your Report is Not Generated Yet" that's because our experts are reviewing your information for a variety of reasons. Reports can take up to 24 to 48 hours to complete and be approved. At LuvFax®we want you to receive the most accurate report possible. Please be patient and contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.

  • What if I want to de-activate my account?

    You may deactivate your account at any time.  Simply Contact Us, under general reason for communication, and we will deactivate your account. If at any time, after you deactivate and during your 120-day subscription period, you wish to reactivate your account, you may do so simply by contacting us again.  Once your account has been reactivated you will receive a new PIN. There is no charge for deactivation or reactivation during any of your 120-day subscription periods. Deactivation, however, does not freeze your account from expiring. 

  • Can I Change My PIN?

    Yes, you can change your PIN at any time through the Change Pin dialogue in your user dashboard.

  • Can a report be altered or changed?

    LuvFax's® reporting information comes only from secure sites.  The reports that are accessed by the user or via PIN on the website cannot be changed or altered in any way.  We cannot, however, stop people from reprinting the reports onto other applications, therefore, we recommend that YOU DO NOT ACCEPT ANY REPORTS THAT ARE NOT VIEWED DIRECTLY FROM THE LUVFAX® WEBSITE.

  • What happens if I find an error on a report?

    Contact us immediately. We will research the issue, and have it corrected if we find it to be verifiably inaccurate.  One of our staff members will advise you of any changes and/or corrections within 24 hours.

  • What is included in your background check report?

    We conduct a National Criminal Background check throughout all 50 states, that searches through criminal court records, County court records, correctional facility records, sex offender and most wanted criminal records for both current and historical inmates.  These checks also show current and historical felony convictions, misdemeanor offenses and some traffic offenses and/or infractions.

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