What Are You Looking for in a Relationship?

The online dating scene presents a wonderful opportunity for women and men to peruse the inventory and truly search for their perfect match. In the online dating world you can pick and choose as you please. What I found was, the more I experienced going out on dates the more I was able to discern what I didn’t want. In other words, you start to get a feel for the types of personalities in each person and begin to realize how each type is not a fit. So now you begin to narrow down the type of person you would want to be with. In the past I started opening up myself more and more to looking for Ms Right. It was an action that was driven by the multitude of dates I proceeded to go on. It can be as simple as a coffee date or drink, and depending on the time of day if in fact the date is going good segueing into lunch or dinner.


As I opened myself up to the prospect of actually meeting my potential mate I grew to know more women. Over time several different women became a potential lifelong partner, however it always seemed as if it just was not the right match. Awareness of oneself, and what you really expect in a relationship is perhaps the biggest question. What kind of a relationship are you ready to live. A quote from the character Gabrielle Solis ” I have everything I wanted, but I wanted all the wrong things. Taking the time to know yourself before you get to know someone else will provide insight into making the right choice. Write down a list of who you are.


1. What are your core values?


2. What are you looking for emotionally?


3. What are your religious beliefs?


4. What is your political affiliation?


5. Are you looking to have children?


6. What is your financial requirement?


7. Where do you place integrity, honesty, and infidelity?


8. How do you view divorce & previous children?


While we have all heard that “opposites attract” what really stands the test of time and counts the most is shared values. Always, always, always be aware of these factors. They are guaranteed to be the glue that keeps you together.


Dr G.

Co-Founder of Luvfax.com

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